Consolidated Billing
Portal Technology
Mobile Benefits App

Veridy Health is here to revolutionize your billing process and provide your clients with cutting-edge portal and app technology, all at no cost to you.

Consolidated Billing

Rules-based group billing with modern employer, employee, and vendor portals. Payments are collected, funds are distributed to all the plan participants, and all premiums are reconciled to the penny.

Portal Technology

Employers and Brokers can view all Employee Billing, Policy, Benefit, Claims Data, and commissions through enterprise portals.

Mobile Benefits App

Comprehensive mobile app enables employees to view plan benefits, find providers, share ID cards, and view claims.

Discover the PIOPAC® Advantage for Employers

Spending Accounts​

Accounts allowing you to pay for qualified out-of-pocket expenses with pre-tax dollars.

Reimbursement Accounts

Employer funded accounts that help employees with certain medical, dental, or vision expenses.

Spending Accounts

Employer funded accounts that provide the employer the freedom to select the type of eligible expenses covered.


Gain piece of mind by minimizing your liability when it comes to time spent administering COBRA.


Attract and retain members and employees by offering them benefits without the typically associated burdens and costs.